image1-min"Working with Josh changed my life, and I say that without any hint of exaggeration. Not only is he one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met when it comes to fitness training, he is also thoughtful, patient, and genuinely interested in the success of his clients. And I use “success” to encompass every sense of the word, not just physical changes (which speak for themselves). Understanding that body transformation begins with the mind, he is also an incredible listener and helps overcome mental obstacles that prevent progress. He introduced me to weight lifting when I was in medical school and taught me about lifestyle changes (including eating habits), even when I was incredibly stubborn. He was with me every step of the way in my body transformation, and continues to be a supportive mentor from thousands of miles away!"

Simone Caccamo, MD General Surgery Resident 

San Francisco, CA

Screenshot_2016-08-19-10-00-45 "Working with Josh has definitely risen up the bar for training and progress for me. I was stuck at old PRs for years and did not find a way to keep progressing. His coaching and programming were smart, straightfoward and results-oriented. I did not know what working hard at the gym was before starting with him. He was very helpful in many ways besides the programming itself: giving me advice about my technique and how to work around injuries. The programming was extremely customized, based on my goals, previous injuries, available equipment, time to train and so on. I managed to gain 5kg and see significant increases in overall strength, from squats & deadlifts all the way to pull ups, OHP, dips, bench press and so forth. My technique improved in all lifts as well! I can happily say that after Josh's coaching I was in the best shape of my life, and I can assure that is was due to his help. Believe me, it's an investment worth doing if you are serious about training and seeing real results in the weight room."

Raphael Kuratomi Engineering Student 

São Paulo, Brazil

IMG_2971"As a college student, I’m not exactly swimming in the dough, and Josh’s competitive rates were a huge plus. His personalized programming as well as his responsiveness to any question or concern leads me to believe that most others who pay for coaching are getting seriously short-changed. Like any other coach does, Josh helped me set some pretty big PRs. But he went over and above in preparing me for long term success by refining my form, vastly increasing my work capacity and helping me set reasonable expectations. Over the 12 months we worked together, my self-belief and personal accountability greatly increased, giving me the skills necessary to take charge of my own training and diet while improving other areas of my life. Above all, Josh practices what he preaches. His work ethic, intellect and character make him so much more than a coach. He’s a friend, a mentor, and a role model for me."

Henry Bolo 181lb Powerlifter

Boston, Massachusetts