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Ok, so you want to get:

a) healthier

b) leaner

c) more jacked

d) stronger¬†(increase your powerlifting total if that’s your thing)

e) any combination of the above


Fortunately as physician, coach, and athlete with a passion for lifting and nutrition, Josh has you covered. So maybe you’re toying with the idea of working with Josh but not sure whats included. If you sign up for online coaching with Josh you’re signing up for:

Online Coaching The Strength Doc



Just to be clear, as a powerlifter and strength coach himself Josh doesn’t just coach powerlifters. He often coaches people who are simply trying to better themselves…ya know: look good naked, get healthy…that kind of thing.

“Working with Josh changed my life, and I say that without any hint of exaggeration. Not only is he one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met when it comes to fitness training, he is also thoughtful, patient, and genuinely interested in the success of his clients.”

Still not sure about signing up? Check out more testimonials.

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