The Strength Doc

Bowties & Barbells

What is The Strength Doc?

The Strength Doc started off as a YouTube channel with a few thousand subscribers and quickly expanded to include this website. The site serves as an online resource for a wide array of topics spanning the entire spectrum of fitness and health ranging from lifting to nutrition.

Who is The Strength Doc?

Joshua Nackenson, MD, CSCS has always been passionate about exercise and nutrition with a background in martial arts and track/field as a teen. Josh started lifting more seriously and educated himself in the areas of training and nutrition. It wasn’t until starting medical school that Josh took his strength training to the next level and started competing in powerlifting. Josh knew that hard-work was part of the equation but so was intelligent training and over the next several years Josh educated himself extensively in the areas exercise science, nutrition, and supplementation. During this process, Josh started The Strength Doc YouTube channel to chronicle his progress and share evidence-based information on training and nutrition. After completing his first board exam, Josh sat for the NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam and passed with flying colors. During medical school, Josh coached clients online and worked as a Strength Coach at Crossfit Muscle Farm in Miami, FL. Josh currently trains clients exclusively online and continues to share high quality content on this website and The Strength Doc YouTube.

Josh’s best lifts are a 455lb squat, 275lb bench press, and 600lb deadlift.


As an athlete, coach, and doctor Josh bridges the gap between science and practice.

What services do you offer?

  • Online coaching/training — lifting and/or nutrition for individuals looking to improve their physique and powerlifters


  • Consultations — Skype consult for programming review, exercise technique review with video analysis and recommendations for improvement, nutrition, supplementation, etc.



*For inquires not related to coaching or consultations, Josh can be contacted via email.