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In recent years there’s been a move back towards the fundamental barbell lifts — especially the squat. Overall this is positive, although with it has come an epidemic of gym bros squatting weights way heavier than they can handle, utilizing a range of motion that’s often the butt of a joke or internet meme. Interestingly though, it seems as though the pendulum has swung now in the other direction such that the emphasis on squatting is about going ATG (ass […]

The Deep Squat Manifesto

push strength wearable vbt
The Push Strength is a wearable bluetooth velocity based training (VBT) device that interfaces with your phone or tablet. It measures the velocity (speed) and power of various movements in the gym ranging from barbell and dumbbell movements to exercises like pull ups, dips, and even explosive movements like jump squats. There is a free app available for both Apple and Android products that tracks both average and peak velocity/power. Prior to the Push Strength, the primary devices used to measure […]

Push Strength Review: Wearable Bar Speed Device (VBT)