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Gaining muscle and getting stronger isn’t terribly complicated but there are some common pitfalls (which I’ve written about previously). Aside from consistency in training, the most important aspect to make progress is progress. This may seem silly and quite basic although this is one area of training I see people messing up all the time. The correct terminology is “progressive overload” which refers to increasing the training stimulus overtime. This is important because the body quickly adapts to a specific stimulus […]

Progressive Overload Pitfalls

The full-depth squat is an excellent exercise, but not everyone can and should be going ATG. If you haven’t already read The Deep Squat Manifesto, I would highly recommend reading that article first as it will provide the background for this article. If you’re blessed with exceptional mobility and squatting ATG comes with ease than this article isn’t for you…for the rest of us continue on. What makes a deep squat? Before we dive into potential ways to improve squat depth it’s important to […]

Fix Butt Wink and Squat Deeper

In recent years there’s been a move back towards the fundamental barbell lifts — especially the squat. Overall this is positive, although with it has come an epidemic of gym bros squatting weights way heavier than they can handle, utilizing a range of motion that’s often the butt of a joke or internet meme. Interestingly though, it seems as though the pendulum has swung now in the other direction such that the emphasis on squatting is about going ATG (ass […]

The Deep Squat Manifesto

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The Push Strength is a wearable bluetooth velocity based training (VBT) device that interfaces with your phone or tablet. It measures the velocity (speed) and power of various movements in the gym ranging from barbell and dumbbell movements to exercises like pull ups, dips, and even explosive movements like jump squats. There is a free app available for both Apple and Android products that tracks both average and peak velocity/power. Prior to the Push Strength, the primary devices used to measure […]

Push Strength Review: Wearable Bar Speed Device (VBT)

*originally published on The timing of this article is fitting, given the epidemic sweeping gyms across the world — people squatting too high. By powerlifting standards, a squat is performed to just below parallel, where the hip joint is lower than the knee joint. At the bottom of the squat, if you were to put a marble on your thigh, it should roll down towards your hip — not your knee. Whereas a true full-depth squat utilizes the fullest range of […]

How Deep Should You Squat?

*originally published on Images: Jaybird Sport It’s the year 2014 — if you live an active lifestyle and don’t own Bluetooth headphones, it may be time to cut the cord with your wired pair. Prior to getting the Jaybird Bluebuds X I had a pair of Freedom headphones, also by Jaybird, which stopped functioning after about a year. Instead of replacing them under warranty I was able to upgrade to the Bluebuds X for a reduced cost. I’ve used the Bluebuds X headphones […]

Review: Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Headphones